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4th International Timebanking Day

Sunday, March 20th
Wednesday, March 23rd

What is International Timebanking Day?

This is an opportunity to meet with fellow timebankers from all over the world joining together as a global community!

The 23rd of March is the birthday of Edgar Cahn, who sadly passed away on Sunday 23rd January 2022. He was considered as the father of timebanking in the USA and we will be taking this opportunity to also celebrate his life. For those people who are unable to join on this day, a second date has been set for 20th March. Both events will be recorded.

Hosted this year by Timebanking UK with support from TimeBanks.Org, this will be the fourth annual celebration of timebanking, and the twentieth birthday of TBUK.

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Share and hear the hopes, dreams, and achievements through timebanking from so many around the world!

Day One

Sunday, March 20th
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3:00pm - 4:30pm

Day Two

Wednesday, March 23rd
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2:00pm - 3:30pm

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We want your stories!

  • Do you want to share your most meaningful exchange?
  • Tell us how your timebank helped your community.
  • Share your special timebank moments.
  • What lessons or skills have you learned through your exchanges?
If you are interested in submitting a 2 minute time bank or member video, please let us know by using the following Email link.


Or, send an email to info@timebanking.org
We can then discuss the best ways to get your video to us.

A brief history of timebanking in the UK

It all began in 1998 when Martin Simon introduced the concept to England after visiting the USA. In 2002 Martin created the charity Timebanking UK as a membership organisation to support the development of time banks across the country.

To this day, we continue to support our timebanking membership and help organisations large and small set up and run time banks and have seen a surge of interest as a result of the pandemic. We are the national voice for timebanking influencing policy makers and government departments.

The past year has been a special one for us and all our member time banks, because in March 2021 we recorded the six millionth timebanking hour since we started keeping centralised records. All of our time banks across the country joined in the celebrations, as each and every one of them has been part of this achievement. Each of those six million hours represents more than an exchange of time: it’s a hour of kindness, a boost of self-esteem, a bond between neighbours, and a step towards a stronger and more connected community. We are now looking forward to our seven millionth hour.

We are thrilled to be hosting the International Timebanking Day and also celebrating our own 20th birthday!

Sarah Bird, CEO Timebanking UK
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